Over 3 Million Products Loaded Allowing You To Scan Products And Instantly Load Valuable Info on a Mobile App

The EZ-AD Mobile App was designed to be friendly and easy to use with its built-in barcode scanner. Once you scan a product you can load the image, title, description, avergage rating, cost, margin & history transaction (does require POS Data Sync). You can also view competitor pricing, similar products and other valuable information all with a simple scan.

View Product Videos Straight From the Manufacturer

With over 2.5 million product videos, our extensive database has videos on almost any product. Once you scan a product, you will find either videos from the manufacturer, how-to videos, do-it-yourself videos, or testimonials.
Find And Share Videos
Just Some Of The Thousands Of Brands Included In The App
Just some of the thosands of Brands we have videos

Easily Find Similar Or Add-On Products To Help Your Customers Purchase More

Because retail has thousands of products, it's hard for sales people to recommend additional popular products when assisting customers. With the mobile app, you can simple find what is most commonly purchased with a particular product.
 Easily Find Similar or Add-On Products to help your customers to purchase more.
Sync Your POS Terminal Pricing & Inventory to Display Product History

Sync Your POS Terminal Pricing & Inventory to Display Product History

We'll help you load in your POS data so that you can get the most of it using the EZ-AD Mobile App. Display cost metrics, margin and other critical information to help you better determine the products you want to market. Sync Your POS Terminal Pricing & Inventory to Display Product History

Push Content Immediately to EZ-AD TV

With 1-click play you can immediately play content on TV screen using the EZ-AD TV media player. You can also add content to your EZ-AD TV media player by taking a photo or video through the app. Managing your playlist is incredibly easy using mobile app.

One-Click Sign Builder With Quick Customization

With hundreds of templates to choose from, you can easily create signs by scanning a product. Quickly update the price & title and push out to a wireless printer to automatically print your signs in multiple formats, or send to your EZ-AD media player.

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EZ-AD believes in creating an ecosystem of products that can all easily integrate together.

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